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a location. we picked a middle spot. we pick st. vincent de paul street and invitors supervisor farrell and green to attend the meeting so i think we're ready to go on that one. >> [inaudible] i will have more information from him. >> that is 6:00 o'clock -- >> when? >> february 27. >> 27. >> the last wednesday in february. >> and it's the third wednesday that we're dark, third wednesday? >> actually we are dark -- if i could raise this with the commission. we are generally dark on the second wednesday of the month and commissioner dejesus serve on the democratic central community and they meet and if we can talk as an agenda -- we might have to adgentize that and move the dark one to the third week and if we could agendize that and discuss it. >>i understand we're doing gun violence presentation. >> well, i wanted to discuss that with you commissioners and if we want to schedule that for the 30 and have the chief figure out who will do the presentation. i don't know if he wanted a presentation or information from the chief. >> it's basically a presentation from the department to kind
himself the task of making a neoclassical ballet using balanchine's own muse, suzanne farrell, and her frequent partner peter martins. the effort of fitting himself into balanchine's mold was costly. "one is up for the knife on opening night," robbins wrote at the ballet's premiere "and i wish i were rabinowitz instead of robbins." only once did i see somebody scream at jerry. it was the first and only time i saw balanchine lose his temper. i remember mr. b. saying to him, "you know, jerry "i give you main hall, i give you choice of dancers "i give you choice of music, i choreograph on what's left over "in lower concourse, in opera studios with bad floors. "i give you everything everything, everything everything," balanchine was red. "and all you do is complain, complain, complain, complain complain, complain complain, complain, complain!" and mr. b. went like this. oh, yeah, he was like this and jerry was like this. and he said to him finally he said, "you know if you don't like it here, get the hell out." jerry, he shrunk and he ran. and i bet you, he went home and h
children. >> reporter: noreen farrell is with equal rights advocates. she filed a request from evergreen asking for proof following title 9. she is still waiting for answers, and so are we. for the past two months, the district has dodged our questions. >> i'm with nbc bay area. >> reporter: we met with the souped kathy gomez outside her office. we've been trying to get in contact with you for more than a month now. >> right. and i think i directed you to our attorney. >> reporter: yes, and he's not answered any of our questions. >> i'm sure he will. >> reporter: well, again, we have not had any of our questions answered. why can't you answer simple questions about what your policy is and whether or not anyone has been trained on title 9? >> he will answer those questions for you. >> reporter: do you not know those answers? do you not know those answers? for educators to stick their heads in the sand about sexual abuse of minors and title 9 is a real problem. it's why the parents of a little girl hope their words, their pain inspire change. >> translator: i would like to ask that they pa
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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